The Bridge

An African-Irish Romance by Mwizenge S.Tembo

“The Bridge” sizzling African-Irish romance adventure novel back cover reads: “An African man is riding in a taxi north of Belfast on a dirt road in Northern Ireland with great urgency. A Middle-aged Irish woman is driving south, on the same dirt road, from her small Irish village. The unlikely couple finally meets at their Internet secretly pre-arranged rendezvous on the rural road under the most inauspicious circumstances, in a romantic face-to-face encounter. A Police Squad car and an ambulance soon arrive on the scene and the African man is arrested.

This is the dramatic beginning of the transoceanic love story between Trish and Kamthibi. Because of compelling circumstances beyond their control, Kamthibi agrees to take Trish with him to visit his boyhood village in Zambia in Africa. Kamthibi and Trish develop a deep passionate romantic love for each other, which leads them to cross so many bridges.

The Bridge
The novel is now available on or click here for Google Books. Please search for “The Bridge Tembo” to order the book. If you order the book through Amazon, I will autograph it for you. The novel titled: “The Bridge” is published in Lusaka by Julubbi Pulisher which is a very small and admittedly ill equipped to play with the big boys. It is just hot off of the press. The challenging part now is the marketing. If you want to buy it, you can go Book World at Manda Hill shopping Mall in Lusaka. The e-mail address of the distributor in Lusaka is The cell phone number in Lusaka is 095-761375. Please ask for: “The Bridge” novel.

The aim is to sell this book and there will be many more novels in the series later if this one sells successfully. Please send this e-mail to as many Zambians and friends you know as possible.

Published in 2005