Help and Support Resources

Work with Campus Resources as you Build your FILA 450 Portfolio

While the portfolio content is all your own, you can (and should) seek help from campus resources to ensure your portfolio is built professionally.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center tutors are available to work with seniors writing and editing their FILA 450 reflective essay. Make an appointment with a tutor easily and quickly using the Penji app! You can schedule your appointment several days in advance and up to an hour before you need to meet (based on availability). 

Visit the Writing Center website for more information, and please feel free to work with them–FILA 450 portfolio essays can be better with a little help from the Writing Center!

Digital Scholarship Gurus: For all Your Digital Design Needs

The Digital Scholarship Gurus are BC students dedicated to helping peers with digital media. You will need to contact the Gurus to request a WordPress site. Once your site is created, login to with your BC email and password you set-up. Please DO NOT create a website using or as these platforms introduce ads to your site that will not be accepted by FILA 450 graders. 

Stop by their suite in the Forrer Learning Commons (FLC 113). You can also schedule appointments with the Gurus using PenjiThe Digital Scholarship Gurus hours are based on availability and are subject to change. For more information on the Digital Scholarship Gurus, please visit their website

Please note: The Gurus appreciate being contacted in advance for help with FILA 450, as they are fellow students. Please do not wait until the night before the portfolio is due to reach out to avoid swamping them with requests all at once.

Center for Career Development

Need help preparing your cover letter, resume, or graduate school application materials? The Center for Career Development is here for you.

In addition, the Center for Career Development offers several professional development workshops you can attend as part of your FILA 450 portfolio work. A live event calendar that is updated regularly can be found below.