Who are the Gurus?

The Digital Scholarship Gurus are trained Bridgewater College students working with the IT Center that will be available to assist students with digital projects. Gurus can offer design suggestions, how-tos, answer questions, and/or provide tutorials.

What is Digital Scholarship?

Research and teaching that is made possible by digital technologies or that take advantage of them to ask and answer questions in new ways.

Digital Scholarship services include:

(whole class, small group, and/or one-on-one instruction available)

  • WordPress assistance
  • Video creation and production
  • Podcast creation and production
  • Infographic creation
  • Google Apps
  • And much more

Drop-in hours and locations:

For Summer hours, please contact the Gurus at gurus@bridgewater.edu

Fall 2019 hours coming soon! Check back for more updates!


Email questions to gurus@bridgewater.edu

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Digital Scholarship Gurus
Digital Scholarship Gurus4 days ago
The #GurusAtBC hope you are having a fun and safe summer!

Remember to think of us when you come back with questions about digital platforms in the fall!
Digital Scholarship Gurus
Digital Scholarship Gurus2 weeks ago
Stay safe and have fun, from the #GurusAtBC!
Digital Scholarship Gurus
Digital Scholarship Gurus updated their cover photo.3 months ago