Portfolio Artifacts

Samples of Academic Work that Enhance your Portfolio

From papersĀ  to presentations and quantitative research, portfolio artifacts add important depth to your senior portfolio

Essay-Supporting Artifacts

These artifacts should connect directly with the content of your reflective essay. Each essay section should have at least one artifact that is discussed overtly in the reflection and is linked into the essay itself. This way, your faculty grader can pull up the artifact as they are reading your reflection and connect that work with your narrative response.

Artifacts may include any type of work you’ve completed for classes: papers, projects, presentations, journals, among others.

Stand-alone Artifacts

These are artifacts that are required for the portfolio but do not need to be discussed overtly in the reflective essay. If, however, one of the required stand-alone artifacts also works as an essay-supporting artifact, you can use it for both purposes.

The stand-alone artifacts are as follows:

  • Oral Communication artifact: A video of one of your presentations for class. Group presentations count, as do presentations for any course (not just COMM courses). In the event that a video is not available, slides from the presentation can be used.
  • Data Analysis artifact: This can be any type of data analysis work produced for your classes. including spreadsheets, graphs, and data tables.
  • Information Technology artifact: The website you create to host your portfolio will serve as this artifact and will be graded as part of the portfolio based on professional appearance and ease of navigation.

Resume and Cover Letter

You should submit your most up-to-date resume or CV. For the cover letter, you can use one that you have submitted for a job recently or a letter of application you’ve prepared for a graduate program. If you haven’t created either of these yet, you’re encouraged to look up job postings and graduate programs that interest you, and create a cover letter/letter of application tailored to them.