Your Portfolio Website

All of your Portfolio Content
in One Place

Which Platform to use?

Students can use any software building platform but we strongly recommend WordPress because there is institutional support at BC. 

  • All BC students get one free website with wordpress with their BC account
  • The Digital Scholarship Gurus can provide assistance with WordPress site creation and troubleshooting

Website do's

  • Host all your artifacts directly on the website
  • Keep your design (graphics, colors, etc) clean and professional
  • Make sure your portfolio website is easy to navigate
  • You are welcome to display relevant photos (from events such as ASPIRE, student conferences, internship work and study abroad) on your portfolio website

Website Don'ts

  • Avoid clashing color schemesĀ 
  • Make sure your site does NOT display ads
  • If you use Google Sites, DO NOT forget to grant individual permissions for each of your artifacts (allow your faculty grader to access each individual file)
  • Do not use distracting typography (wild fonts, mismatched font sizes, etc)