FILA 450 Information

Put together a portfolio that gets you ahead professionally

The resources on this site are meant to help you complete your FILA 450 portfolio successfully. These resources will allow you to craft a compelling narrative and collect useful resources that will serve as a base for upcoming job and/or graduate school applications.

Reflective Essay

Guidelines and detailed information on the five sections of your FILA 450 reflective essay and how to write it

Portfolio Artifacts

Guidelines on the essay-supporting and standalone samples of academic work that will serve as your FILA 450 portfolio artifacts

Professional Development Events

Learn more about the professional development events that will help you build your FILA 450 portfolio and get ready for job and grad school applications/interviews

Your Portfolio Website

Guidelines on how to create and organize the website that will contain your full FILA 450 portfolio

Help and Support Resources

Learn more about support from the Writing Center, the Center for Career Development, and the Digital Scholarship Gurus

Due Dates

December 2022 Grads:
-Monday, October 31st by 8:00 am
-Portfolio grades will be posted on Monday, November 21st
-Resubmissions (optional for grades A through D-, mandatory for grades of F) due November 30th by 8:00 am
Spring 2023 Grads:
-Monday, January 23rd 2022 by 8:00 am
- Portfolio grades will be posted on Monday, March 6th
-Resubmissions (optional for grades A through D-, mandatory for grades of F) due April 3rd by 8:00 am

Fall 2022 Faculty Grader

photo of Dr. Bobbi Gentry

Dr. Bobbi Gentry

History and Political Science

You can contact your faculty grader via your FILA 450 Canvas page, via email, or by visiting her office in Flory Hall 

(Office: Flory 211)

Director of FILA Portfolios

photo of Dr. Grace Martin

Dr. Grace Martin

World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Martin can answer general questions about FILA 450 portfolios via email or in person (office hours and by appointment) 

(Office: Bowman 210A)

A Requirement for Graduation

Your FILA 450 Portfolio is one of the last steps in completing your degree at BC. It is worth 1 credit hour and it’s graded on a scale from A through F. 

We're here to help!

There are many resources for seniors completing the FILA 450 portfolio. You can work with the Writing Center, the Digital Scholarship Gurus, the Center for Career Development and, of course, your faculty grader and academic advisor. In addition, Dr. Grace Martin, Director of FILA Seminars and Portfolios, is happy to answer specific questions regarding the FILA 450 portfolio guidelines.