FILA 450 Portfolio

Your FILA 450 Portfolio is a major part of your senior year at Bridgewater College. Your portfolio is meant to be a culmination of your work as an undergrad and a demonstration of what a liberal arts education means to you.

One of the key requirements of the FILA 450 portfolio is the creation of an electronic portfolio to present your work. In the past we have had students use Google Sites to create their E-Portfolios, however this year we wanted to provide an additional option with WordPress. Below you’ll find requirements information about the E-Portfolio and reference documents and the grading rubric.

Important Dates for 2019-2020:

The FILA 450 deadlines this year for December graduates are:

  • November 4 (Monday) by 8:00 am—Deadline for portfolios
  • November 25 (Monday)—Graded portfolios returned to students
  • December 9 (Monday) by 8:00 am—Deadline for final revisions

Fila 450 appears on your schedule of Fall classes if you graduate in December.

The FILA 450 deadlines this year for May graduates are:

  • January 20 (Monday), 2020 by 8:00 am—Deadline for portfolios
  • March 9-11 (Monday-Wednesday), 2020: Graded portfolios returned to students
  • April 6 (Monday), 2020 by 8:00 am—Deadline for final revisions

FILA 450 appears on your schedule of Spring classes if you graduate in May.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Grace Martin or
540-828-8007 .

E-Portfolio Contents:

  • Reflective Essay that addresses 5 Dimensions of your BC experience:
    • Integration, Experiential Learning, and Personalized Educational Program
    • Engage with Diverse Perspectives
    • Public Discourse: Citizenship & Community Responsibility
    • Global Citizenship & Intercultural Competencies
    • Ethical Reasoning
  • Minimum of 6 Essay Supporting Items (materials from classes showing your growth and achievements)
  • Additional Portfolio Artifacts
    • Portfolio presented as a webpage
    • Video of oral presentation or presentation in presentation software (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, etc.)
    • Data analysis using data analysis software (Excel, Mathimatica, QuickBooks, SPSS, etc.)
  • Resume and Cover Letter

CLA+ Testing (May grads only) will be in late-January to mid-March. (50 points on portfolio) 

The CLA+ is a test of general education knowledge that BC uses to assess our programs.  It is not like any other standardized test you have ever taken.  Instead of a series of multiple choice questions, you will be given a “Performance Task” (an open-ended prompt and written response) and a set of “Selected Response Questions” (which requires you to analyze data and texts in a “Document Library”). The CLA+ is administered through a web-based program, and it will take up to 90 minutes.  Your FILA 450 Instructor will give you a schedule of times to take the test.

Important Documents and Rubrics:

Below are links to documents you may find helpful while working on your E-Portfolio and your Reflective Essay!

Setting up your Portfolio with WordPress:

If you would like to use WordPress to develop your portfolio, but don’t have an account set up please put in a request to The email should be subjected WordPress and tells us your Username and the reason for needing an account, such as FILA 450 Portfolio. After which you should receive an email saying your site has been created with instructions on logging in. Please allow 24 hours for requests to be processed.  Requests made on Fridays, Saturdays, and/or Sundays, please allow 48 hours to be processed. Please be sure to contact the Digital Scholarship Gurus far in advance of your portfolio due date and be mindful of the volume of requests they will be receiving from seniors completing FILA 450.

New to WordPress? It’s actually really easy to use once you have played around with it! We have a tutorial on how to get started with the basics here: WordPress Tutorial