Instructional & Technology Resources

BC Instructional Design

Create IT


Adding Questions to Videos

Animated Presentations

  • PowToon
  • Tellagami (creates quick animated video-IOS only)
  • Voki (create personalized speaking avatars)

Attendance Tracker

Audio Editing

Augmented Reality

Blog Creation

Case Studies

  • Pubmed (case studies and articles)

Concept Map Creator/Mind Map Creator/Flow Chart Creation

Collaboration/Task Management

  • Bitrix24 (collaboration/task management)
  • Padlet (creation and collaboration)
  • Prism (collaborative interpretation of text)
  • Realtime Board (collaborative and online whiteboard)
  • Slack (messaging/collaboration app for teams)
  • Teams (collaboration/task management)
  • VoiceTread (communication and collaboration)

Course Organization/Content Management


Image Creation

  • Adobe Spark (graphics, storytelling, videos)
  • Canva (image creation)
  • GIMP (open source image editor)

Interactive Presentations

Messaging Systems

  • Remind
  • Slack (messaging/collaboration app for teams)
  • VoiceTread (communication and collaboration)
  • Yammer (communication and collaboration-Facebook for BC Community only)


Polling Tools/Interactive Student Responses

Presentation Sharing App

Repository of Tools

  • TAPoR 3 (repository of research tools for studying texts)

Screen Capture

Story Map Creation

Text Analysis

Text Annotation

Timeline Creation

Video Annotation

Visualization of Data

Web Publishing


Word Cloud Creator

*Thank you to Brandon Bucy at Washington and Lee University for sharing his list of resources so I could add to this list.


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Vanderbilt University: Blended & Online Learning Design Fellows

UNSW Australia: Teaching Practice

University of Tennessee Knoxville: Teaching and Learning Center

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