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Resources for Teaching Online

Visual Representation of Remote Learning Strategies for Faculty

Strategies for BC Flex

  • Practice using equipment in the classrooms.
  • Review learning goals at the beginning of class.
  • Start each Zoom meeting/class with a chance to “catch-up” with students.
  • Encourage video to always be on in Zoom including your own.
  • Remember to enunciate and speak slower while wearing a mask.
  • Use a portable amplifier while in class.
  • Use a document camera instead of the whiteboard/chalkboard.
    • Tip: use plain paper and dark, thick markers.
  • Chunk content and encourage/pause for student engagement.
  • Encourage student interaction by having all students in Zoom.
  • Repeat students’ comments/questions for all students to hear.
    • Tip: read aloud any comments/questions from the chat.
  • For group discussion, use Zoom breakout rooms and have earbuds.
  • For group work, use Zoom breakout rooms and Google Docs.
  • Use platforms that students are familiar with.
  • Record a PowerPoint presentation with audio.
  • Add audio to slides in PowerPoint Presentations.
  • When recording in-class sessions, record to the Zoom Cloud.
  • If taking classes outside, keep remote students in mind!


Resources for Remote Learning

Visual Representation for Remote Learning Strategies for Students

Strategies for BC Flex

  • Have earbuds with you at all times.
  • Have fully charged devices.
  • If camera view is askew, let classmates/professors know.
  • If voices are muffled, let classmates/professors know.
  • Mute yourself when not speaking.
  • Have webcam turned on for sense of community.
  • Use Zoom reactions (Raise Hand, Slow down, etc)
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be aware of your appearance (ex: clothes are not optional).
  • When doing group work in class over Zoom, use earbuds.
  • Do not attend Zoom class while driving!