Embed Documents

As you’re building your site/blog you may not want to just link a file or document on your site, but rather embed the document into the page. This allows a viewer to see a document on your site without having to download anything first. Bridgewater College provides a plugin for WordPress that does just that!

Embedding a Document

This plugin will also be extremely useful in building out your PDP 450 portfolio! Allowing you to embed both your PDP 450 paper and artifacts directly into your site.

To actually embed a document in your site first open the Page you want to embed it in and go to the editor. To the right of Add Media button you’ll see Add Document, by clicking Add Document you will be taken through the steps to embed a file in your content page.


Once you select Add Document you’ll see a pop up window containing two options to choose from. The first one allows you to embed/upload a document from your hard drive, the other let’s you link a document from a url on the internet. The option we’re going to choose is to upload a document from your hard drive.


After you upload the document of your choice you can adjust a couple of settings for that document in particular before you are finished.

  • Width: is normally set to 100% of the screen size, this should be fine for now.
  • Height: this is how long you want the document window to appear before the user has to scroll to view more of the document. 500px is the default, however you can play around with this until you get it the way you like!
  • Show Download Link: this is the important option, it dictates who, if anyone can actually download a copy of your document. For your PDP 450 portfolio you will need to set this so only logged in users may download a copy of your document.
  • Viewer: this option is which web tool actually displays the document, I prefer Google Docs viewer as it is more widely used however either will work.


After that click Update on the right to save your page then you should be good to go! Just navigate to your site to see what the document you embedded looks like. Remember you can upload far more documents then just a Word Doc! The plugin also lets you embed excel, power point, pdf, and txt documents directly into your site.