Our Project


According to our research, less than 20% of undergraduate students reach out to career services for advice on finding internships or applying to graduate schools. Out of that percentage, 57% of students are not happy with the networking opportunities that their school offers.

That led us to think about our own career services, and how we would like to create a more accessible platform for Bridgewater College students, helping them to reach their higher potential by aiming for competitive internships on local, regional, and national levels.


We address the problem in 3 steps:

  1. Increasing awareness about the importance of Career Services through events and in-class presentations
  2. Creating a website that helps students find opportunities while getting them started on their resume process with Career Services
  3. Creating more advertising for school-sponsored events such as career fairs

This is an innovative approach to give access to college students to professional opportunities like internships, summer programs, and job experiences via a mobile application.