College Algebra


Practice / Review
Chapter 1 review sheet Chapter 2 review sheet Chapter 3 review sheet
Chapter 1 review answers  Chapter 2 review answers    Chapter 3 review answers
from spring 2008:
exam 1 with solutions exam 2 with solutions exam 3 with solutions
from spring 2005:
exam 1 with solutions  exam 2 with solutions  exam 3 with solutions 

Homework: this is a list of required problems… you should do additional problems until you are comfortable with the material

Section Due Date Problems
Syllabus Quiz handed out in class!
1.1 1,2,3a,4a,5b,7(a-e),8(f-i),9,13,19,22,25,26,31,33,36,37
watch this video on number types and this one on the real line
1.2 2,3,5,13,19,24,27,35,43,46,47
this worksheet (turn this in stapled/paper clipped to your textbook homework)
worksheet from class in partner groups (turn this in SEPARATELY from the textbook homework)
1.3 1,3,5,9,13
17-33 (every 4th problem: 5,9,13,17,21…33), 35,47-71 (every 4th problem: 47,51,55…71)
worksheets from class (on polynomials- there were 2 of them see here and here to be sure you have the right ones)
1.4 2,5,9,13,15,17,21,29,33
Worksheet worksheet from class 6 pages.. has fractions on the front!
2.1 3,5,12,13,20,25,27,31,37
worksheet given in class
2.2 1,2,5,7,8,11,13,19
2.3 1,5,12,15,27,28,31,34,37,44
watch video know this for class Friday 10/9
2.5 1,3,5,13,19,23,33
2.6 1-45 every 4th problem (1,5,9,13…45)
2.7 1-17 odd, Hint:  make sure you get 0 alone on one side, then factor!,23-25 odd
watch this video… you may want to fill out page 1 of this vocabulary sheet as well while you watch
3.1 3-13 odd
3.2 1-4,5-11 odd, 23-29 odd, 35-37, 49
on 1-20:  just find all intercepts- you do not need to sketch
Groupwork packets on rectangular coordinates, on circles and on  lines (handed out in class… links are in case you lost yours)
You MUST have the same answers as your partners- include all names on the packets and turn the groupwork in SEPARATELY from the hw from the book.
3.3 1-5 odd, 13-34 odd, 39-43 odd, 44,45ab,46ab
3.4 1,4,5,7,11,13,15-20
3.5 1-7(odd),13,29-35(odd),41
3.6 1,3,5,6,13,19,22,23,29
3.7 1,2,5a,9-13,36,37 and packet from class!!!
 NOV 6
5.1 1,2,3-11(odd),17,20,25,37,43,45
5.2 1,2,7,14,18
5.3 1,3,5,7
worksheet from class on exponentials and worksheet on logs (given in class WED)
5.4 1,3,11,15,17,19-25(odd)
5.5 1-11(odd),17-25(odd)
5.6 1-17(odd),18,25-27,51
5.6:  All answers should have only logs and lns (no log5 should appear in your answer).  If a number answer can be found without a calculator, you need to do it!
Review Ch.1 1-6,9-63
Ch. 2 1-9,17-22,25-31,37-43 & word problems from HW
Ch. 3 1,2,3ab,4,6,9,11,12,17-19,22-24,26-40,53-56,67-70
Ch. 5 1-35,37,40