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Domain 6

Task Analysis of a Power Layup

  • Starting Position/Dribble
    • The athlete starts by dribbling the ball from wherever they are on the court toward the basket.
  • Approach/Quick Stop
    • The athlete then jump stops (landing on two feet) with their body facing the basket.
  • Jump/Power Layup
    • The athlete jumps up powerfully with the ball in both hands. 
  • Shot/Power Layup
    • The athlete then shoots the ball using the backboard. 

Underlying Abilities

  • Underlying Abilities (Coker, 2013) 
    • Manual dexterity
      • The athlete must be able to control the basketball using the arms and hands.
    • Multi-limb coordination 
      • The athlete must be able to coordinate the movement of the arms and legs. 
    • Control precision
      • The athlete must be able to control movement adjustments involving large muscle groups (dribbling a basketball)