Domain 5

Domain 5

Practice Plans

Teaching Strategies

Mental Skills Training

  • Based on my Mental Training Portfolio, I could teach the athletes about imagery. I could do this teaching athletes how to make an imagery script. 
    • First, athletes will complete a Sport Imagery Questionnaire in order to individualize their mental skills program. 
    • Next, I would read the athletes an imagery script that I create. The athletes will close their eyes to eliminate distractions and go through the movements that are described in the scenario. The athletes will be given time to shoot and imagine themselves in the situation that was described. 
    • Following this, athletes will be videotaped shooting a series of shots so that they can see themselves performing the skill. 
    • Then, they will create their own imagery script. They should consider the 5 Ws, which include: Who, Where, When, Why, and What.
    • They will then be asked to memorize their script and run through it each time they practice shooting or before competition.

Team Chemistry

  • Communication, Cohesiveness, Connectedness
  • Our team will be like a family. We will persevere, experience joy, and work hard together. In order to be effective at playing basketball, we must first be able to communicate with each other. Having a cohesive team will allow us to communicate seamlessly on and off the court. We must also be connected to each other and care about each other’s well being. 

Team Building Activities

  1. Team building activities will be done once a week during the season beginning with basic activities and ending with specific activities that require each player to know each other well. 
  2. Team Building Activity 1
    1. High 5’s All Around
      1. Each athlete will have a sheet with a hand on it
      2. The hand will have ten spots for other athletes to write positive comments about the athlete. This will allow each person to get 10 positive comments from other athletes and each coach will leave a positive comment. 
      3. The team will do this after the first week of games in the season so that they know each other well enough to provide specific positive comments. 
      4. Athletes will be able to hang the positive comment sheet up in their locker. 
  3. Team Building Activity 2
    1. Scavenger Hunt
      1. Athletes will go on a scavenger hunt after practice that will feature questions about their teammates. Coaches will put together the scavenger hunt based on athlete surveys. 
      2. The questions used will not in any way relate to confidential information. They will be questions such as hometown, major, hobbies, recent awards received, or any other information the athlete wishes to be included based on their survey. 
      3. Each scavenger hunt team will get points along the way based on how many questions they get right. 
  4. Team Building Activity 3
    1. Show and Tell
      1. At the beginning of each practice one week, athletes will be paired up and will share positive achievements about their partner. 
      2. Many times achievements go unrecognized and this allows athletes to be congratulated on their achievements and responsibilities outside of sports.