Domain 3

Domain 3

Yearly Conditioning Plan

My general physical conditioning planning procedure is to start the season with aerobic training in order to get athletes back to a general level of performance. Then, I plan to incorporate lactate threshold training in order to move athletes to a new level of training. During the competition phase, anaerobic and lactic threshold training will alternate, each lasting a week at a time.

Post-Practice Nutritional Considerations

Guidelines for Pre-Competition Meals

Hydration Statment

  • Athletes will be allowed to get water during a drill when they are not in at that moment or when their team is off during 3 on 3 on 3 or other small sided games or scrimmages.
  • The idea is that practice can continue while athletes who have rotated out and are receiving a break can get water. This will allow equal rotation of athletes from drills to breaks and the same athletes will not be rotating out each time.
  • Athletes will have team issued water bottles that they should bring to practice each day that hold at least 20 ounces of water. They will be kept on the right side of the gym with the player’s belongings. The athletic training staff will be asked to bring a cart with Gatorade cups and water to practice each day. This cart would be on the left side of the gym. This would allow athletes on either side of the gym to access water during a drill when they have rotated out.
  • They will also receive one team water break at the halfway point of practice. Athletes may get water at any time if they need to due to an emergency or sick feeling; no athlete will be denied water at any time.
  • After practice, athletes should refill their Gatorade bottles before leaving the gym. This will allow them to replenish with water on the way home and throughout the day.