About the Author

About the Author

Carlie Massie

A devoted and avid AQHA and quarter horse enthusiast, pursuing her dream while in college.

The author, Carlie Massie, has been an active member of AQHA since she was five years old. Before she was an official member, she was born into the industry with her mom, Tracie Edwards Massie, having showing, breeding, training, and selling quarter horses for years prior. Carlie learned how to ride on her mother’s old youth mare, Pauls Made of Gold, and that was when her mom and family knew Carlie would be engulfed in the quarter horse lifestyle.

Hobodee by Flashy To

Her grandfather bought her her first horse at the age of five.  He was a quarter horse gelding, Peppy Mambo Leo, that packed Carlie around the farm at home, and then show ring for the first time when Carlie was eight years old. Carlie learned how to show the western pleasure, horsemanship, showmanship, hunter under saddle, and halter on “Peppy”. As Carlie approached the 14-18 youth age group, they new it was time for a more competitive horse and rider team. Her mother contacted AQHA Professional Horseman, Larry Little, in search of a new youth horse for Carlie. Larry came across a gelding, Hobodee by Flashy To, AKA “Louis”, that taught Carlie a whole new meaning and technique on how to ride. Carlie showed Louis up and down the east coast for several years, along with another gelding, Talkin Texan, as a lease.

Ashleys Bo Doc (Click the image to direct you to his Facebook page)

In February of 2016, Carlie came across the opportunity of a lifetime, to own the multiple World and Congress champion, Ashleys Bo Doc. She had been casually searching of a new horse for quite a while, and ran across an ad on Facebook for Ashleys Bo Doc. “Oscar” was 20 years old, and had won an abundance of titles, as well as placing third in all of AQHA history for how many hunter under saddle points he had earned . Carlie’s parents told her that if she wanted him, that she would have to pay for him and his transportation to the farm, and her parents would house him. Carlie could not let the opportunity pass up to own such an amazing horse. Before they knew it, Oscar arrived at the farm.

Oscar and Carlie at the last show of Carlie’s youth career

It was not but about two months later that the new team, Carlie and Oscar, went on to having numerous placings at the 2016 East Level 1 Championship World Show. At that show, Carlie put Oscars first western world titles on him on his 21st birthday. They continued to show throughout the year, earning numerous circuit championships in horsemanship, performance halter geldings, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, and even western pleasure. The team won an abundance of year end titles in all different divisions and qualified for the 2017 East Level 1 Championships World Show.

As for the 2017 show season, Oscar packed Carlie around the show ring at the 2017 East Level 1 Championships World Show placing 15th in the hunt seat equitation and 13th in the hunter under saddle. He was the true definition of an all-around performance horse. Carlie continues to show Oscar lightly, as he absolutely loves going to the horse shows, but deserves a easy, loving life at his forever home on Carlie’s parents farm in Barhamsville, Virginia. Oscar has his own Facebook page that Carlie maintains to keep the industry and all his fans up to date with how he is doing, and to reassure them that he is loved dearly at his forever home.

My Dots Hot

Carlie has shifted her focus onto a gelding named My Dots Hot, AKA “Dot” for the all-around events. Dot is owned by her grandfather, Elwood Edwards, and was raised from birth by Carlie, her mom, grandfather. Dot is currently in training with Matt and Beth Gouthro, and is attending his first show season this year. Dot and Carlie attended Dot’s first show at the Martinganza in Williamston, NC, and  picked up a circuit champion and several points. A month later, Dot and Carlie went on to placing 9th in the western pleasure and 16th in the showmanship at the East Level 1 Championship World Show. The team plans to continue the show year strong and attend the All-American Quarter Horse Congress in October.

At home, Carlie and her family breed, train, show, and sell AQHA quarter horses all over the world. Although showing quarter horses is a prominent part of Carlie’s life, she is currently seeking her Business Administration and Management degree with a Business Marketing minor from Bridgewater College. Business leadership and modern-marketing are passions Carlie plans to pursue, and hopefully be able incorporate her educational passions with her quarter horse industry passions.