Tomorrow, Thursday March 31st is our Dynamic Aviation tour, we will meet in the Bowman lobby at 3:30. After the Dynamic Aviation tour we will then go to Dr. Lou’s House for a spring social!

Thursday, March 3rd, we are having a guest speaker Chuck Flick, he is the HR manager for the retirement home, so feel free to come to the meeting at 3:30 in Bowman 103!


Welcome back BC students!

It is a new year and the semester has just began so that means that our weekly SHRM meetings will resume tomorrow at 3:30 pm in Bowman Hall! Good luck with classes and see you soon 🙂



I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break is coming up soon BUT we have our final meeting, this Thursday December 3rd. Be sure to come out and be attentive because our new president, Brendon, will be doing a presentation.

See you soon 🙂 #BCSHRM


Congratulations to Spring/Fall 2016 BC SHRM Officers

President: Brendon
Vice-President: Roslyn
Secretary: Thomas
Historian: Ellen
Treasurer: Bailey
Make sure you get to know the officers in office now to shadow and fully understand your role in SHRM to provide a smooth transition into the next semester.
Congrats again!




Just a reminder, that next week’s usual meeting in Bowman will NOT take place, rather it will be a gathering at Lou’s house!

Pumpkin carving, food, and fun bonding time! We will meet in the Bowman lobby at 3:45 pm to carpool.

Don’t forget to RSVP and register what you plan to bring on the Google docs from Forrest!

Hope to see you there!


SHRM will be helping out with homecoming events and hosting a game station on the mall.

We still could use some more volunteers to help out. For those, a part of the practicum you can earn your points for volunteering.

In order to sign up, email Forrest.

Thanks. Happy Homecoming 2015.


We need you!

SHRM really needs your help to volunteer and help out with the Marketing and hands on help to with the local community event called Alternative Christmas Fair.

If you have a questions about the event you can click the link above or email Forrest or Katie.

We will also be helping out hosting a table on Homecoming 2015, if you would like to be a part of the games, fun and interactions please contact Forrest.


WEDNESDAY is the last day to sell stickers for Dress Down Day!

So be sure you go around and collect money to those wanting to participate in Dress Down Day on Thursday, October 1st!

Also, reminder that we will be meeting at 3:30 pm in Bowman Hall Room 103. Be sure to there!