About Us

About Us

We are Waste Watchers, a student run activist group based out of Bridgewater College that is focused on raising awareness about food waste and the benefits of composting. We began our project as part of the annual Showker competition, which challenges students to collaborate and solve problems. Each member brings a unique benefit to our team, which has contributed to the progress of our solution.

Sabrina Volponi

As our team leader, Sabrina has organized all Waste Watchers meetings, plans, and events. She is a sophomore Honors student, double majoring in environmental science and mathematics. Sabrina has studied environmental sustainability for years, making this project a perfect fit for her interests & abilities.

Luke Morgan

Luke is a sophomore Honors student studying political science. He hopes to become involved in political campaigns, but for now uses his communications skills to enhance the Waste Watchers public outreach. Throughout our project, Luke has contacted community leaders and groups to organize events, and has produced campaign posters for our project to be displayed around campus.

Melanie Hux

Melanie Hux is a sophomore Honors student enrolled in the athletic training program. Melanie researched and gathered information for our project, creating the foundation for events that we held. She organized the lesson plan that is now freely available to educators, providing an engaging and fun outline for teaching students at any age level.

Jack Gieseler

Jack Gieseler is in his second year at Bridgewater as a business major. Jack engaged audiences ranging from elementary school students to professors during presentations about food waste.  His background helped our team focus on giving presentations tailored to the target audience.

Alicia Pritchett

Alicia Pritchett is a sophomore Honors student majoring in computer science. Her background helped the team integrate all of the technological components of the project. She customized the website and video, adding in code to create a unique platform for the Waste Watchers project.