The following testimonials were given via survey after the presentation. All feedback was anonymous:

“What did you enjoy from the presentation?”

“The Resistance has done a great job! Keep up the good work!”


“It was amazing. I won a cup!!!!”

“The skit made the presentation fun and they were good at maintaining audience attention.”

“The memes and jokes helped me to retain the information and learn new information about antibiotic resistance.”

“The skit was really cute and got your point across in a memorable way.”

“The skit helped me understand the basics of [antibiotic] resistance.”

“I loved that it was a variety of things, not just a lecture.”

“Why do you think The Resistance created this presentation?”

“They created the presentation to bring awareness to the issue of antibiotic resistance and encourage people to take small steps at preventing it such as not pushing doctors for antibiotics when they are unnecessary and taking and entire prescription.”

“To educate us in the harms that come about through antibiotic resistance.”

“To raise awareness of antibiotic resistance and teach others ways they can help prevent it.”

“To inform firstly college students, the seriousness of antibiotic resistance. This is an issue with an easy fix, if only people were educated.”

“To make the public more aware of the problem of antibiotic resistance in the environment.”

“To educate people about antibiotic resistance in order to prevent people from making some of the mistakes that lead to antibiotic resistance.”