Meet the Cactus Rebellion

Kathleen Springer

Major: Psychology

Title: Fearless Leader of the Cactus Rebellion

Responsibilities: Recruiting team members, presenting the Pitch, writing content for the workbook, designing the website


Katherine Weeks

Major: Psychology

Title: Wonder-Writer of Knowledge

Responsibilities: Recruiting team members, designing the Pitch, writing content for the workbook


Leah Aclin

Major: Chemistry

Title: Creative Genius and Master of Logistics

Responsibilities: Designing art, reminding Fearless Leader of logistics, designing video content, filming video


Abigail Manry

Major: Liberal Studies

Title: Indiana Jones of Stress Management Research

Responsibilities: Seeking out stress management research to use in the workbook, providing an educational perspective to stress management research


Timothy Gacquin

Major: English

Title: Miracle-Worker in Bringing Workbooks to Life

Responsibilities: Providing extensive feedback on the design of the workbook, giving editing comments within the workbook


Besides the individual responsibilities we had, we were all involved with the overall creation of the workbook. Together we engaged in creative problem-solving to identify how to design this workbook to reach college students so that they are excited to try our techniques. We provided feedback on each other’s progress in addition to suggesting our own ideas. We also learned to work together and persist with this project even when things weren’t looking so great. As a team, we learned to be mindful of each other’s time, focusing on making our communication with each other as efficient and thorough as possible.