Searching for Graduate Schools

Searching for Graduate Schools

Graduate school programs allow you to focus in on a specific program, so when applying to schools, you want to be sure you have made the right choice. Applying to graduate school is a major life and career step and we want to make sure you are prepared beyond measure. On this page you will find relevant questions to keep in mind throughout your graduate school search, tips for attending graduate school fairs, and resources to help in looking for various graduate school programs.

Things to consider:

  • Is the program what I would like to study?
  • How big is the program?
  • Is the program offered online, in the classroom, or in a hybrid setting?
  • How long is the program compared to others?
  • How much is this program going to cost?
  • Are there scholarship, graduate assistance, or work study opportunities?
  • Where is the school or college located? Do I see myself living in that area?
  • What would I do about housing?
  • What kind of careers do graduates go into after graduation?

Tips for a Graduate School Fair

  • Dress professionally (shirt & tie, suit, dress pants, dress, skirt, nice blouse, dress shoes, flats)
  • Come with questions in mind, be ready to lead a conversation
    • When is your application due?
    • What is the application process like? What is involved?
    • What kind of activities/class should I be doing now to bet prepare for your program?
    • Do I need to take an entrance exam before applying?
    • Does your program offer research opportunities?
    • Are graduate assistant programs or work study opportunities linked to this program?
    • Where do graduate students usually live while pursuing their graduate degree?
  • Be sure make EYE CONTACT with the representative you are speaking with
  • Research the fair ahead of time to get a list of prospective schools you would like to speak to the most
    • Research more about a specific program at your desired school, this will help you come up with specific questions to ask
    • Be sure to talk with schools outside of your top 3, you never know what different opportunities are out there until you try


Graduate Guide

Graduate Guide allows users to search for graduate or professional schools based on keywords, major, or state.

Princeton Review offers entrance exam study tips, tutoring services, and information about graduate school entrance exams

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