Common Graduate School Questions Answered

Common Graduate School Questions Answered

What type of financial assistance is available to help pay for graduate school?

What is the difference between a rolling admission and admission that has a deadline, and when is the best time to submit your application?

What options are available for taking the practice GRE before the real test?

How important are GPAs, the GREs and other entrance exams when applying to graduate school?

What kind of things can a student do to increase their chances of getting into graduate school?

What trends are you seeing in the acceptance procedures for graduate school?

Other FAQ about graduate school

Where can I find information about different graduate school entrance exams?

There are a number of entrance exams available but they are specific to their own academic disciple. We suggest you visit out office in Forrer Learning Commons or send us an email at to set up a one on one appointment to further discuss your options and plans for graduate school. In the meantime, we suggest you take a look at the following websites that are specific to the different entrance exams accepted by graduate schools: LSAC, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, DAT, and the PCAT.

Do you have any resources to use in finding scholarships to help pay for graduate school?

We know that graduate school can be challenging enough and that you should have to worry about massive student debt. Some graduate programs offer work study programs, graduate assistants, and scholarships of their own that you can apply for, which is important to know before you enroll. You can also complete the FAFSA form during the winter months to help with the cost. We recommend checking out the following websites for help in finding scholarships and learning more about dealing with the financial decisions that come along with graduate school: College Affordability Guide, FinAid, and Open Education Database.

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If you would like to talk with us one on one, send us an email to make an appointment at or stop by our office in Forrer Learning Commons. Our office has several handouts and pamphlets that also provide valuable information to help you along the way.