Our FAQ page was created with real questions from real students, so be sure to get a first hand look into our office

How do I make an appointment?

There are three ways for you to contact out office to make an appointment. You can send us an email at ocs@bridgewater.edu, give us a call at 540-828-5357, or stop by our office in the Learning Commons Academic Resources Suit Room 126 &127

What resources can the office provide? What can they do to help me?

Our office can help you find a major that is right for you, research and connect with companies for internships as well as employment, set up your LinkedIn profile, tidy up your resume, and help you with interview prep.

I am unsure of what kind of job I would like to get after graduation… What can I do?

Now is the perfect time to try an internship! Internships provide you the opportunity to “take a job for a test run”. Usually internships are completed within 10-15 weeks and allow you the opportunity to work in a professional setting. While working at your internship site, be sure to take note of the things you like and the things you do not like. This list will help you in the future narrow down what your true interests are and what kind of work environment you would like to work in.

I am having trouble deciding on a major. How can I find my true interests?

A lot of students go through a phase of not knowing what they would like to study once the finally arrive on campus, so do not feel as though you are alone. Our office offers a couple interests exams that you can complete to help you find what truly interests you and what kind of major would suit you best. To make an appointment for a one on one major exploration metting please email ocs@bridgewater.edu and be sure to check out our Job and Career Exploration page for relative information about finding the right major for you.

Can I have more information about the internship program?

Internships are vital to your BC and workplace experience! Check out our Internship Page or stop by our office for more information. Your adviser would also be a great resource as they may know of companies within your desired field.

Should I attend events as an underclassman?

YES!!!! We encourage all classes to attend events whether it be a graduate school fair, career fair, or networking event. This is a time for you to practice selling yourself to employers and deciding how to best tell your story. Even if you aren’t thinking of attending graduate school or finding the perfect career isn’t on your plate, these events allow you to get a head start in the process. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts for information about upcoming events!

Can you tell me which classes I should take?

While our office can help you in finding a major and make suggestions on potential courses that may be of interest to you, you academic adviser and other professors should be your first stop. Your advisers are real life professionals who know their fields the best, so ask their thoughts and what they suggest would be best for you. With that being said, we are always happy to help in the process and help connect you with different employers to do field explorations.