Events and Job Fairs

Events and Job Fairs

Upcoming events:

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How to prepare for a career fair?

  • Email our office ( for a complete list of employers or search online for the fair to see if a complete list is available online
  • Look through the list of employers and research the employers you wish to speak with at the fair- learn what they do, where they are located, what positions they have available, any news of recent events they were involved in
  • Create a list ranking the companies you are most excited to speak with, this will help once you arrive at the fair so you know where you need to go first depending on time constraints
  • Start to work on a pitch or introduction- include your name, graduation year, major, interests, why you are interested in a specific company
  • Be sure to have a folder or portfolio on hand to keep resumes you plan to handout/business cards/pens/notes
  • Check your closet to see what you have to wear to the career fair- you want to dress professional because this is your first time coming into contact with the employer (suit, dress shirt & tie, skirt, dress, pant suit, dress shoes)

Sample questions to ask employers:

  • What kind of work experience should I have before applying for this position?
  • Do you offer internships in (interested field), that could lead to a job opportunity?
  • Is there anything I can be doing now to help prepare myself and resume to apply for a position with your company?
  • What opportunities are available for advancement within the company?
  • What positions do you have available now or within your company that are related to my interests?
  • What do you like best about working for this company?
  • Can you tell me the kind of qualities you look for in a new hire?
  • Would I need a master’s degree to advance within the company?

After the Fair

  • Write a thank you note or email within 1-3 days to the representatives you spoke with- include something specific from your conversation so they will remember you, ask about the next steps if you are interested in continuing with that company
  • Reflect on your experience- write down things such as how you could improve you pitch or introduction, talk with your professors as they may have advice to offer, set up a meeting with our office to talk about the next steps and how we can help prepare for the next career fair

Contact Us

If you would like more information about these events such as employers attending or would like to reserve your spot for the free shuttle, please email