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Numbers from the beginning: 574 different visitors and a total of 1,440 visits



SID-Washington Career Fair


Total of 11 BC students attended the SID Career Fair at the GWU in Washington, D.C.



Students gained experience to professionally present themselves to job recruiters





Perfect Internship Event


Sofia is explaining the power of a good LinkedIn profile in applying for jobs



Dr. Josefson, director of the Wade Institute for Teaching and Learning, talking to students about the Summer Research Opportunity at Bridgewater




Nail Your Interview Event


In this event students prepared for various types of interviews: in person, through phone or Skype



Alan is giving demonstrations to students on how to use our website and navigate your way



In preparation for one of our events at Bridgewater College





Visiting Classes


We informed students about Career Services’ events and support systems




We presented our website to students in the business classes