Save the Date

2019 Perfect Internship                                              Event

February 14,                                                                                Bridgewater College                                                                    President’s Suite

Come to our event on the 14th of February, to find out the best tips on how to get an internship. We will be providing attendees with the best advice on how to create the perfect resume and cover letter.


2019 SID-Washington Career Fair
January 31, 2019
George Washington University
Marvin Center

Moving Borders and Career Services at BC are inviting you to attend the SID-Washington Career Fair. This is an invaluable opportunity for college students to make connections with influential individuals and institutions, and learn more about career opportunities. There will be international development organizations and graduate programs.

  • Shuttle leaves early in the morning from Bridgewater College.
  • Dress business formal
  • Bring your resume to the event
  • Total cost is $5 for each student