Modern Algebra

Fall 2015

Syllabus (important dates included)

You will grade occasional homework problems and provide feedback (perhaps presented to group, if necessary).  When grading, give the students as much feedback as possible about content and explanations.
Each problem will be graded according to the following scale. (You may assign a grade of 9 or 9.5 if appropriate.)
* 10 Complete, correct, and clearly written solution
* 8 Nearly complete, correct, and clearly written solution
* 6 Some correct, relevant progress toward a solution
*         4 Work shows understanding of the problem but little or no progress toward a solution
*         2 Submitted but does not show understanding of the problem
*         0 Not submitted or submitted late
Some further notes:
–         you automatically get a 10 on a problem you grade
–         come see me if you need help and the grader unable to explain



Daily Homework:  Remember… Yes or No is never a sufficient answer! Homework from the text… see Daily Homework list for due dates
 Due R 8/27 ∙ Skim Appendices A, B and C so you’ll know what’s there if and when you need it ∙ Read the syllabus carefully and bring questions to class ∙ Read To The Student, find/familiarize yourself with the location of answers, hints and resources in text ∙ Watch the video on closure and another with practice problems on closure 3.1: 1,2,5bcd,6,8ab,9,12,13a,16,18,19,24,more…
T 9/1 ∙ Submit problems 9 and 16 from 3.1.  Each on a separate sheet- going to different graders! Use code name emailed to you. (note: associativity and distributivity will come from the reals/integers- you may just state that result and needn’t prove it) ∙ Get working on some of the other 3.1/3.2 problems! 3.2: 1,2,6,8,11a,17-19,21a,22,23,26
R 9/3 ∙ Work on 3.1/3.2 problems, more to be due soon Know the definitions of field and integral domain…while reading, you may find this video on zero divisors (note:  the ring of just 0 is not an integral domain- I didn’t say that in the video) helpful… we will go through some of the proofs in class! Quiz Thur on Rings!
Due T 9/8 ∙ Work on 3.1/3.2 problems We hope to finish 3.2 in class on 9/8 Due for peer grading: 3.2: 2c,8b Work on the problem from the end of class- find the multiplicative identity and show R is a ring. I will collect (not peer grading)
3.2:  2ab,5a, 11a, 19a, 22, 26
Due R 9/10 ∙  yellow highlighted work from 3.2 Watch this video on homomorphisms
Due T 9/15 ∙ Collect 3.1: 18 Start the 3.3 homework while it’s fresh!!  More will come- you don’t want a list of 25 to do later… 3.3: 4,5,7-11,22,23,31a,33bef
Due R 9/17 ∙ Watch this video on groupsFinish problems from 3.3 listed above (through 11)!  I’ll collect some Tuesday and add more to the list after Thursdays class!
Due T 9/22 ∙ Collect 3.3 #7 for peer gradingCollect 10,11bcd,33bef for me to grade!
Due R 9/24 ∙ get started on Chapter 7 problems! 7.1: 3ab,4,5,7,9,13-15 .
Due T 9/29 ∙ 7.1 #8,22 7.1: 21,23 7.2: 1-4, 6,7,9,10,12,13,14,16-18
Due R 10/1 ∙ nothing… get working on 7.1 & 7.2 and study for quiz
Due R 10/8 ∙ for peer grading (villain names) 7.2: 23 ∙ for grading by MH: 7.2: 9b,12,13 7.3: 1,2,3,4,8,9,13,20,23,26,34,38,42,47,48
Due T 10/13 ∙  for peer grading (villian names) 7.3 #4
Due R 10/15 ∙ turn in 7.3: 8,9 for me to grade!
Tues 10/20  EXAM!!!
Due T 10/27 ∙ turn in 7.3: 38a,47
Due R 10/29 ∙ study for quiz- finish up 7.3 work! 7.4:3,4,6,10,15-17,23,24,28,32
Due T 11/3 ∙ be sure you’ve read through 7.4 and begun 7.5 ∙ 7.4 #17, 23 I’ll grade one and we’ll do peer grading on one…. so use your villian names and we’ll decide which is which Tuesday ∙ will be collected soon… 7.4: 4,28  7.5: 2,6, maybe more 7.5: 2-6,10,20,27
Due R 11/5 ∙ study for quiz- finish up 7.4 work! Maybe start 7.5
Due T 11/10 ∙ turn in 7.5 #14
Due R 11/12 ∙ study for quiz collect: 7.5: 2,4,6 collect 6.1: 3,6a 6.1: 2-6,12,14,16,17,21,23 just added
Due R 11/19 ∙ turn in 6.1: #16,21 ∙ Hit the 6.2 HW after class on the 19th… for Thurs work on the 6.1 problems ∙ see clarification from class last Thurs 6.2: 6,7,9,21, maybe more
Due T 11/24 ∙ turn in 6.1 #23turn in 6.2 #7, maybe more! 7.6: 1-6,8,14,16… maybe more
For the last day… work on the homework…. on the final exam there will be at least one of the 7.6 problems!


Links:  References for Gallian’s book… may or may not be useful with Hungerford?!

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