Our Journey So Far

Overview and Why

— We’re creating a website to provide comprehensive and engaging information on anxiety related episodes such as anxiety and panic attacks. The purpose of this website is to engage college aged students in the process of learning about this common mental health issue through video media offering information on: anxiety itself and how it manifests; signals to recognize when an attack is coming and when an attack is occurring; mechanisms to get through your own attack or help someone else get through theirs; and actions to take after an attack. We hope that by providing this service, we are able to provide engaging and relatable content to help those who struggle with anxiety and reinforce the idea that they are not alone and their anxiety does not define them or dictate their lives.



–We introduced the problem with our given solution and the medium in which we want to deliver our solution.

–Funding: $410


    The board was impressed with the poise and creativity of our team. They also wanted us to make sure all of our information we will be using comes from reputable sources. They noted that we may connect with counseling services to see if they have any valuable information to share.



    –We have created our website, using Bridgewater’s existing infrastructure, gathered more information, met in order to coordinate and about the information that we want on our website, how we want the website to behave, and what further resources we need given our funding that we were awarded.



— Timing

— Lack of motivation

— Difficulty coordinating schedules

— Figuring out how to create the website and communicating with IT in order to do so