Qualtrics is a survey creating, distributing, and data collecting software program.  You can use Qualtrics to create a survey or create a quiz or test for a course.

Here are some Help and Tutorials from Qualtrics that can be very helpful when creating a survey, distributing a survey, and looking at the data from a survey.

  • Creating a New Survey: This tutorial goes over how to create a new survey.
  • Question Types Guide: There are several different types of questions that you can use when developing a survey.  This article goes over the different types of questions.
  • Apply Question Types: Here is how you apply the different types of questions to your survey.
  • Creating Questions: This tutorial shows you how to add, delete, copy, and edit questions for your survey.
  • Format Questions: This article shows you how to format the questions.
  • Question Editing: Here is a tutorial on how to edit your questions.
  • Format Answer Choices: This article goes over how to format the answer choices.
  • Skip Logic: This tutorial shows how you can set-up a skip logic based on how your students answer questions.
  • Survey Themes:  There are several different themes you can use, so this article shows how to change the survey theme.
  • General Look and Feel Settings: This article goes over the different general options you have for the look and feel of your survey and how to make changes to the look and feel of your survey.
  • Fonts and Colors: You can change the fonts and colors of your survey but following this tutorial.
  • Survey Collaboration:  This article goes over how you can share your survey with others and/or collaborate on creating a survey.
  • Activate a Survey: Here is a tutorial on how to activate your survey.
  • Using the Qualtrics Mailer: Qualtrics Mailer will allow you to email your survey to all your students at once and this tutorial will go over the steps to set-up the mailer.
  • About Viewing Reports: This article is an overview on all the viewing reports options.
  • Report Options: This article goes over how to customize reports from your survey responses.
  • Downloading Survey Data: This article goes over how to download the data from your survey.