Google Apps

Google Apps

Google Apps have endless possibilities.  You can use Google Drive to store and share your documents, photos, and videos. Google Classroom can be used as a course management system.  Create, share, and collaborate using Docs, Slides, Forms, and Sheets. Set up appointments using Google Calendar or have a meeting or class using Google Hangouts and record your Hangout using Google On Air.

Google Calendar:

Google Classroom:

  • Starting a Classroom:  This article goes over the basics of getting started with your own Google Classroom.  Use your Bridgewater College email and password to log into Google Classroom.
  • Sharing your Classroom Code or Inviting Students to your Classroom: These directions go over where you can find your classroom code to share and how to invite students to join your classroom.
  • Inviting Another Teacher: Want to invite another Bridgewater College faculty member or staff to be a teacher in your Google Classroom?  Here is a how-to article that explains the steps to inviting other members of the Bridgewater College community to be a teacher in your Google Classroom.
  • Setting Class Permissions: This article goes over students can share, post, and comment on the class stream, assignments, messages, and/or announcements. You can set permissions for the whole class or for one students.  Also, this article will go over how you can see deleted posts and comments made by students.
  • Changing your Class Theme: Don’t like the theme of your classroom?  You can change it.  Here are directions on how to change your theme.
  • Creating and Grading Assignments: This article will go over how to create and modify assignments, view assignments, grade and return assignments.

Google Docs:

Google Drive:

Google Forms:

Google Hangouts:

  • Starting a Hangout:  Google Hangouts is another way for you to communicate with your students using chats or videos.  This link will help you get a Google Hangout started.
  • Recording Your Hangout Using On Air: Google Hangouts On Air will allow you to schedule your broadcast so you can share it with your students in real time or you can record your broadcast to share with your students later.  You can also edit your broadcast as well.

Google Sheets:

Google Slides:

Google Sites: