Canvas Timeline

Canvas Timeline

November 2018

  • Canvas Workshops for faculty using Canvas for Spring 2019

December 2018

  • Removal of “My Classes” section on MyBC
  • Links to Moodle and Canvas added to MyBC
  • Canvas Workshops for faculty using Canvas for Spring 2019
  • Communication to students about changes on MyBC and switching to Canvas
  • Courses pushed to Moodle for Spring term

January 2019

March 2019

  • May term courses available in Canvas
  • Request Club/Org, Committee, Advisee, Department Canvas courses to be created, if needed (These courses will not be recreated in Canvas unless requested, and content will not be ported to Canvas from Moodle. )

April 2019

  • Courses pushed to Moodle for May term
  • Canvas Working Sessions for faculty using Canvas
  • Canvas Workshops for faculty needing Canvas training

May 2019

  • Last term Moodle will be available to use as LMS
  • May 8th, 2019: On-site Canvas Training by Canvas Rep

June 2019

  • All trained full-time faculty and staff will be added to our LIVE instance of Canvas
  • All classes on Canvas, No active classes on Moodle
  • Moodle will be accessible by faculty and staff only when on-campus for archival purposes. Fall course shells will be uploaded but no students will be enrolled.
  • Faculty that does not attend an in-person training will need to complete a Canvas training course before they have access to fall courses.

July 2019

  • Pre-scheduled one-on-one trainings or Working Sessions

August 2019 and remaining academic year

  • Canvas Workshops and Working Sessions (TBD)