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Box Resources

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Click on each title for a PDF that will review the different features in Box.

Box Tutorials

5 Skills to Get Started Fastincludes Step 1: Upload your Content to Box, Step 2: Collaborate with Your Team, Step 3: Replace Email Attachments with Shared Link, Step 4: Download Box Sync* and Edit, Step 5: Replace Email Chains with Comments and Tasks, Video: 5 Skills to Get Started Fast, and Box User Guide

*Box Sync is disabled for BC accounts.  

Box Training CoursesSign up for live trainings, eLearning courses, and view a library of training materials

Box User Guidereviews Creating a New Folder, Uploading Files, Navigating your Account, using the Search, Updates to files and folders, Inviting Collaborators, Shared Links, Adding Comments to a File, Creating Tasks, File Locking and Version Control, File Properties, User Email Notifications, and Box Edit

Logging in with Single Sign On (Bridgewater’s URL for Box is

Upload Your Content to Boxincludes options for uploading files and when you should use each option

Collaborate with Your Team-includes Inviting Collaborators, Accepting Invitations, Pending Invitations, FAQs/Troubleshootin

What are the Different Access Levels for Collaborators?-reviews all the permissions for Co-Owner, Editor, Viewer Uploader, Previewer Uploader, Viewer, Previewer, and Uploader

Shared Links-includes Generating Shared Links, Shared Link Access, Share Link Settings, Custom URL, Password Protection, Link Expiration, Allow Download, Direct Links, Folder Settings, Account Settings, and FAQs-What happens if I disable a shared link?, What happens if a file is deleted while it has an active shared link, but is later restored?, What happens if a user that shouldn’t have access to a file or folder tries to use the shared link?, “Someone” downloaded my files-What does that mean?

Searchincludes Searching for Files and Folders, Search Tips, Search Filters, How does search indexing work?, Does Box support search in other languages?, and Can I search for words in non-current versions of a document?

Comments, Tasks, and Updatesincludes Comments, @-Mention, Tasks, and Updates

Managing Files and Foldersincludes Create New Files and Folders, Moving and Copying, Delete Files and Folders, Rename Files or Folders, Sort Files, Folder Icons, Access Stats, File Timestamps, Version History, and Favorites

Helpful Videos for New UsersCollection of videos from Box.

Box’s Help CommunityIf you didn’t find what you are looking for, here, please check-out Box’s Help website.