Box Drive

Box Drive

How do I get started with Box Drive?

Box Drive is now on all campus computers.  The following PDF contains information about logging into to Box Drive-Box Drive Login Information 

I changed my BC password.  How do I change it in Box Drive?

Box Drive will not prompt you for a new password when you change it. Box Drive will just be grayed out on the system tray in a “not logged in” status. To gracefully have it prompt for a new password, please follow the steps provided on this PDF- Password Change for Box Drive

How to I save files using Box Drive?

Here is a document that shows how to save files to Box Drive-Saving to Box Drive

Here is a document that show how to save files to Box Drive from SPSS or Mathematica-Saving to Box Drive from SPSS or Mathematica

I’ve noticed that on my Recent Documents list are my files from Box Drive.  Are they my files and can I pin them to the Recent Documents list?

Yes, the files on your Recent Documents list are files from Box Drive and you can pin files to it.

I see that Box Drive has a shortcut on my Desktop.  Can I create shortcuts for folders in Box Drive?

Yes, you can.  Right-mouse click on the folder you would like to create a shortcut for and select Send to.  Select Desktop.

Where can I see the collaborators to a folder, add/remove collaborators, see version history and access stats in Box Drive?

You will need to go to Box’s web interface to see collaborators,  add/remove collaborators to a folder, view the version history, and access stats.

I’ve noticed different icons next to the folder/files in Box Drive.  What do they mean?

The blue circle with a white cloud means your folders and files “synced” with Box’s web interface.

A yellow circle means it is saving or trying to sync the file to the Box web interface.

A red circle means that file is not syncing to the Box web interface.

I’m looking for a file/folder and the search box in Windows Explorer isn’t working.  How do I find my files in Box Drive?

These instructions will show how to search for your files using Box Drive-Box Drive Search

How do I open I file from Box Drive?

You can navigate to your files Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.  These steps will take you through the steps-

You can also open your files by going through Box Drive.  Click on the Box Drive shortcut on your Desktop.  (Or click on the folder icon on your task bar and click on Box listed under Favorites.) Navigate to the file you would like to open.

How do I see a file or folder in Box’s web interface without having to go to MyBC to get to Box?

Click on your Box Drive shortcut on your desktop to see all of your files and folders.  Right-mouse click on the file or folder you would like to see in Box’s web interface, select Box.  Then select, View on