Box and Moodle

Box and Moodle

Box and Moodle  work well together.

Here are a couple of ways they can support each other:

Creating Folders for a Class:  Here are the steps to creating a shared folder for your students in Box.

Embedding a Folder into a Moodle Course:  This PDF will explain how to embed a folder from Box into a Moodle course.

Embedding an Upload Folder into a Moodle Course:  This PDF explains how to have an upload folder embedded into a Moodle course.  This folder would only be used for students to upload files to.  Any files uploaded to this folder would not appear in Moodle (like an assignment submission).  The files uploaded would only appear in Box.

Adding a file or folder URL from Box to Moodle: This PDF will walk you through the steps to add a file or folder’s URL from Box to Moodle.

How to get a file to Moodle:  The PDF will show how to add files from the Box Repository to Moodle. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the Box Repository in the File Picker to add files to Moodle, please keep in mind that there is 100 file limit.  This means that the Box Repository will only show the first 100 files within a folder.  If you have 101 files in a folder, the 101st file will not show.  To solve this issue, you can use Box Drive to upload files, add a shared link to the file to Moodle, or download the file and upload it.