Welcome to Instructional Design @ BC!

What is the instructional design?

The AECT has defined instructional design as “the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of processes and resources of learning.” (Seels & Richey)

Meaning the field of instructional design is to focus on the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of instruction through 5 areas; design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation.

What does an instructional designer do?

An instructional designer can assist in

  • content delivery design
  • instructional strategies
  • development of assessments
  • evaluation of instructional design
  • evaluation of content delivery
  • course management
  • course organization in Canvas
  • developing learning objectives
  • developing learning goals
  • evaluation of resources, software, websites, videos, media, apps
  • training development, implementation, and resources
  • incorporating instructional design into a course

Emily Goodwin
Director of Instructional Design
IT Center
Bowman 227

Melanie Tutin
Instructional Media Specialist
IT Center

To schedule an appointment, please email Emily or Melanie.