Lots more content added to this site

I have added three additional pages to this website mainly for the benefit of students in the EDUC 316, Math Methods for Elementary Classrooms, course.  One page contains links to many SmartBoard files (Notebook Software) that I have created.  Another page contains links to many Powerpoint files that I have created for use in the same class.  The final page contains links to my favorite Math sites.  By providing this information on WordPress, students in the EDUC 316 site will have access to these files once the class is over.  As it is now, they have access to these files through the course Moodle page, but this access will soon expire.

The SmartBoard and Powerpoint Pages contain files that actually cannot be uploaded to the BC WordPress server since only .pdf files are allowed on it. In order to be able to provide these files through my WordPress site, what I actually did was to upload the files to my Google Drive (aka Google Docs) then shared them to the web.  I copied and pasted the link to each shared file from Google Drive and pasted it into WordPress.  It works!

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