Welcome to my Bridgewater College Website!

NOTE:  Since I have now retired from Bridgewater College, this website will likely be discontinued in the near future so I have moved all of the appropriate content to my new website, https://joehillfamily.com

This website is for all my Bridgewater College Teacher Education Program students, particularly those in EDUC 316 (Math Methods for the Elementary Classroom), EDUC 370 (Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers), EDUC 412 (Curriculum and Instruction for the Secondary Classroom), EDUC 450 (Senior Seminar in Educational Practices), and EDUC 470 (Student Teaching).  It also has some resources for my MATH 105 and MATH 115 students.  The site serves two purposes:  it provides a way to share information for current and prospective students and also serves as a guide for students in EDUC 370 and EDUC 450 in completing one of their class assignments:

EDUC 370–Creating a classroom website usijoelynnlima2016ng WordPress

EDUC 450–Creating an online portfolio

I have also provided links to many of the SmartBoard files, Powerpoint files, and websites used in the EDUC 316 and MATH 105/115 classes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or seek additional information about EDUC 316, EDUC 370, EDUC 412, EDUC 450 or EDUC 470 at Bridgewater College.