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WordPress Tutorial

Beginner’s WordPress Tutorial – Editing Your Site

Compressing images on WordPress will help you save space on your site. If you are unable to upload any more photos or documents on your site, check out the two tutorials below.

Compressing WordPress Images
Embedding Files

Additional Tutorials

Setting WordPress Themes
Making Pages
Making Posts
Creating Menus
Embedding Documents
Adding Images and Video

Adobe Express

Adobe Express Pages Tutorial


Create a Powtoon with a Template
Add Media to Powtoon
Slides & Timeline on Powtoon
Add Audio on Powtoon
Take a Screenshot of Powtoon
Embed a Powtoon on WordPress


Basics of Photography
Photo Editing in Photoshop
Photo Editing in Lightroom
Photo Editing on iPhone

Video Editing

iMovie Tutorials
Microsoft Photos Tutorials


Uploading Videos to YouTube
Adding Closed-Captions to Youtube Videos


Website Accessibility Checker

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