Our Mission

We feel there is a lack of general knowledge among elementary school students on the topic of sustainable agriculture. Our world today faces significant hardship regarding solutions to the depletion of resources, climate change, and environmental degradation. Agriculture at the scale that it is practiced today is a contributing factor to these issues. While it is not feasible to assume the responsibility of these problems on a global scale, we can take it upon ourselves to educate youth in the community on the topic and how we can all work together to lead more sustainable lives.

Our team will be creating a mobile greenhouse that will display a variety of small scale sustainable growing techniques. We will be bringing Greenhouse on the Go to elementary schools in the area. As a team, we will provide materials and collaborate with teachers to create lesson plans to encourage students to work together on group projects and team-building activities that use the greenhouse as a primary learning tool.

Our target audience will include students K-5 attending elementary schools in the area. Students will explore topics within their existing curriculums that can be enhanced by Greenhouse on the Go. Depending on the expressed needs by teachers, we are able to leave the greenhouse at the school for and extended amount of time so that it may be incorporated into multi-day labs and various lesson plans. We look forward to working together to make our community more sustainable!


The Croc arrangement pictured above was created by Overlook Farms and Produce