2019 Workshops

2019 Workshops


A BIG THANKS to our workshop leaders for the 2018 Bridgewater International Poetry Festival.  They were great opportunities to learn and improve as a poet.  Be the next leader of our workshops.  Take a look at our new workshops for the 2019 Bridgewater International Poetry Festival on Wednesday, May 15th!

Writing the Visual Arts by Kyle McCord

This workshop will introduce attendees to the rich history of writing inspired by the visual arts and how authors from Homer to Auden to Ashbery have turned inspiration and imitation into original works. Workshop participants will produce poems based on historically noted as well as more contemporary pieces of art. Discussion will center on expanding attendees’ critical and creative understanding of the connection between word and artwork. Afternoon Workshop


Poetry in Everyday Images by Tami Haaland

Memory and experience are rich resources for any writer. Through a series of prompts and discussions, we will explore how to use memory and experience as resources for discovery, how to move beyond the limitations of chronology and personal narrative to alter point of view, and how to create lively and imaginative poems. Participants are asked to bring several candid shots of individuals or groups as a springboard for writing prompts. Morning Workshop


The Voice of Praise by Lauren Camp

With so many things to worry over, we need to keep finding joy and celebrating gratitude. This feel-good workshop will help you write in praise of small beauties, large events, or anything in between. Learn how to move beyond the obvious like and love into the deeper and more magnificent why. We will map at least one wonderfully ordinary element of our lives, lifting the subject and enriching it with the finest elements of craft and embodied attention. Morning Workshop




The Poetry of Collaboration: Creating Poems from Two Unique Voices by Linda Nemec Foster

This hands-on workshop will explore the art of partnership writing and how to collaborate with another distinct voice to imagine, create, and revise poems that go beyond a singular vision. The workshop leader, Linda Nemec Foster, recently published a collection of poems, The Lake Michigan Mermaid (Wayne State University Press, 2018) co-authored with Anne-Marie Oomen that utilizes this concept. Participants will work in teams of two to explore, discuss, draft, and revise poems that reflect the voices of each partner. Using writing prompts and exercises that cover a wide range of topics (from mythology and kitchen utensils to family memories and dream images), Foster will give the participants a unique experience that will broaden their ideas of their own poetic voice. Afternoon Workshop