About Us


We are a group of five freshman honors students attending Bridgewater College, located in rural Virginia. We began our group, The Stigma Ends Now, as part of a project for the Showker Prize. Our five unique backgrounds have allowed us to collaborate to solve our chosen topic: how schools, colleges, and students can help end the stigmas surrounding mental health.

All five of us have had close experiences with those suffering from mental health issues in our schools as well as at Bridgewater College. Our team decided that our diverse skill set could best be used to create an informative video series to spread awareness about mental health in young adults. To complete the project, each of us had to take leadership in separate fields to collaborate for a full solution.




Dylan Shannon is the team leader of The Stigma Ends Now. He is a Computer Science and Business double-major at Bridgewater. Dylan’s leadership helped connect the team with the Showker institute, as well as manage nearly every aspect of our solution.

Melanie Hux is a freshman Athletic Training major and Psychology minor at Bridgewater. Her qualities were best demonstrated as she learned to use professional video equipment and video editing to produce a polished final product.

Alicia Pritchett is a first-year Computer Science major. Her specialties in computer coding helped the team develop a customized website to display our videos and attract viewers.

Luke Morgan studies Political Science at Bridgewater. Luke’s leadership in communication created a global outreach effort for our video series. He helped us reach dozens of schools in Virginia, the United States, and even internationally.

Sabrina Volponi double-majors in Math and Environmental Science. Sabrina coordinated our meetings, videos, and interviews. In addition, she edited our scripts to create fluid and engaging material for our viewers.


Together, our five team members used six month’s time to create several high-quality videos and distribute them to schools and colleges across the world. The process included making a pitch to investors, writing scripts, conducting interviews, learning to use professional video equipment and software, coding our website, and distributing our solution, to name some of our accomplishments. Our team has learned an incredible amount about film, technology, mental illness, and each other. In the process of helping others, we have learned about ourselves and our capacity as leaders to create change in the world.