At Rented Banana, we truly believe large problems are best handled by small people. All of the world’s big problems – including mental health – are best solved by individual people banding together and doing something special. All the members of Rented Banana think that we are those individuals that can effect change on the large scale. To this end, we have assembled a team around three major ideas:

  • Teams should be small. Small teams ensure that all member have a voice. In all meeting and conversations about a project every team member has a chance to say what they think and allow more diverse ideas to be shared. These diverse perspectives are what gives our team an edge in product development.
  • Customers are the most important thing. This idea is the heart of everything we do. Our success will be measured in how well users perceive our product to be. To this end, we have integrated a thorough quality assurance process into every part of our development process.
  • No challenge is too big. We believe in ourselves and our abilities. We know that with enough effort every challenge at any scale can be overcome. This idea led us to choosing our current problem, mental health: a wide spread problem with no straight forward solution.