The key to success in a team driven organization is to have a well-balanced, efficient method of development. We at Rented Banana firmly believe in the Agile programming methodology. Agile teams include all the traits needed to be successful:

  • Continual Development: Agile teams strive to edit documentation and allow ideas to evolve at every point in the development process; there is never a bad time to fix a flaw in your design! How did we do this: Our team kept a log of open, editable documents that were shared with all members. During the whole development process team members posted concerns and suggestions in a chat room to begin a dialog on the issue. After a brief period of discussion a decision was made and documents and practices were changed to better recognize our new goals.
  • Customer collaboration: Agile teams tend to have representatives from the client/end user integrated into their design teams. This representation allows concerns of end users to be discussed at all points of the development process. How did we do this: Our team recruited an Applied Physics major who has no knowledge of psychology or app development. This member instead focused on the aesthetic appeal and accessibility of our app (also called User Experience). Since this member does not see the app as software to be programmed, his input would be more in line with how a user would feel about it.
  • Rapid Software Delivery: Agile programming aims to reach milestones in weeks rather than months. This is accomplished by establishing a system of software distribution to sub teams. A small group of developers write one small section of the product in a short amount of time and add it to the sections developed by other teams to create a finished product. How did we do this: Our programmers divided the project into three main areas: User Interface, Artificial Intelligence, and Back End Processing. One member of the team was assigned to a single area and tasked with developing their sections concurrently

We believe that these traits will enable our team to fulfill all goals we set out to achieve.