Presenter Application

Presenter Application

Presenter Application 

Submit 3 poems without any identifying information. Identify the poems you have submitted by title in a cover letter. 

Include a short bio comprised of your name, location, and up to three publications (if you list a book or chapbook publication, do not add magazine or journals where you have been published; target bio length 100 words or less).

In the cover letter,  identify yourself, if it is not obvious, as a Virginia writer, a U.S. writer, or an international writer. If you live in Virginia but are primarily employed outside the state, or vice versa, you may choose either designation.

Presenters are chosen from people registered for BIPF 2020. Include the registration fee of $35 (or other amounts if you add workshops).

Complete the form 2020-BIPF-registration on the Attendee Registration tab. You can then either mail or email the materials to Dr. Stan Galloway at or:

Bridgewater International Poetry Festival
c/o Stan Galloway
Bridgewater College Department of English
402 E. College St.
Bridgewater, VA 22812

You may pay your registration fee by selecting the appropriate options on the Attendee Registration tab and checking out online or include a check to Bridgewater College in the mailed portion.

Selections for international presenters will be made every few weeks to help with visa applications, etc. U.S. selections will be made the first week of January,  the second week of February, and approximately March 21. Submissions after that point will be considered only if space remains available. Submissions not selected in earlier rounds remain viable in the pool for final selections.